Hungry Gap, Fat Friars, Food Poverty Podcast

We were delighted to have an opportunity to share FoodCult research as part of a three-episode radio podcast on historic food poverty in Ireland. The show, produced by Berni Dwan and hosted by NearFM, broadcasts every Thursday at 2.30 pm, starting 25th May, 2023. FoodCult featured in the second episode which airs on June 1st.

Listen here

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Brussels Institute of Advanced Studies Workshop: Keynote

On 17th April 2023 Susan presented a keynote lecture at a BrIAS Workshop on
‘Dietary Dilemmas: Influences on Consumer ‘Choice’ in Preindustrial Societies’.  The workshop was organised by Prof. Dr. Beat Kümin & Prof. Dr. ir. Frits Heinrich as part of a collaboration between Department of History & Food GRP, University of Warwick and the Brussels Institute of Advanced Studies. The paper focused on food and religion in early modern modern Ireland and presented findings from across the workpackages, exploring the significance of religious ideas and practices on consumption and social interaction in early modern Ireland.

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FoodCult Media Engagement

There has been a tremendous media response to the FoodCult brewing project in the past few weeks. The research has been covered by The Times newspaper, BBC Radio 4 and also by  Jane Garvey and Fi Glover on their Times Radio show. There have also been multiple blog posts, including one by renowned beer writer Jeff Alworth, author of The Beer Bible

Read The Times piece by Rhys Blakely

Read the Blog post by Jeff Alworth

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New Open Access Publication!

Delighted to announce a new open-access paper “Unearthing a new food culture: fruits in early modern Ireland” by FoodCult team members Meriel McClatchie, Susan Flavin and Ellen O’Carroll. This is in Cooking with Plants in Ancient Europe and Beyond, edited by Soultana Maria Valamoti, Anastasia Dimoula and Maria Ntinou and published by Sidestone Press. We were delighted to collaborate with the ERC PlantCult Project on this.

Read the paper here

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