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Collaboration with Warminster Maltings

As part of the brewing project, we developed some very exciting collaborations. One of these with Warminster Maltings, who made malt for the experiment. Bere barley was shipped to Warminster from Orkney and then malted using traditional floor malting techniques before being delivered to the brewers at the Weald and Downland Museum. Warminster’s pride themselves on using authentic historic methods and the malt produced was as close as we could get to a sixteenth-century equivalent.

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New Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Good Food Ireland, an innovative company that strives to promote Ireland’s unique culinary heritage at home and abroad. As part of this collaboration, we will be sharing our progress through the Good Food Ireland platform. This presents a unique opportunity to make new research in Irish food history available to a wide range of interests.

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Successful Brewing Week

After almost three years of preparation, last week finally saw the completion of the brewing experiment at the Weald and Downland Museum. Four barrels of sixteenth-century beer are in the last stages of fermentation, having been brewed with carefully selected yeast, heritage grains, and period equipment. These will soon be moved to three different labs for analysis.

Prof John Morrissey at University College Cork, who researched and reconstituted the yeast will undertake analysis from a microbiological perspective. Prof Janet Montgomery at Durham University is examining the isotopes in the beer. She will measure the change in O-isotopes from cold water to beer. This will help better understand how oxygen isotopes are used to examine human mobility and migration. In addition, C,N and S-isotopes will be examined to better understand beer in dietary studies.

Finally,  nutritional analysis is taking place at the School of Biosciences, Nottingham University, under the direction of Dr Stephen Lawrence. This will allow us to consider in great detail, the dietetic value of beer in early modern society.

The entire process has been filmed by Storylab at Anglia Ruskin University, under the direction of Dr Shreepali Patel. This film will show the immense interdisciplinary efforts involved in bringing this project to life, following  the story all the way from the archive to the finished beer.

Results to follow soon…

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